10 Great Western Glam Fashion Looks To Rock This Summer





Ready to rock a little Western Glam Fashion this summer season? Whether you're headed to a rodeo, a girls-night-out or even a summer bbq, we have 10 looks for you that will have you feeling confident, turning heads and taking numbers! Here at Blush Out West, not only do we find the cutest fashion tops on the market but then we pair them with Sterling Silver and Turquoise Jewelry made in the American Southwest by skilled Artisans. We help you create the hottest looks in western fashion!

1. We love this Rust w/Black Polka Dots Blouse paired with our White Flare Jeans. We've completed the look with a couple of Turquoise and Sterling Cuffs to give a unique western look to a blouse that could easily transcend several fashion styles.




2. We've taken this Plaid Rufle Cardigan to a Western Glam Level by pairing it with the cutest Hair on Hide Tooled Leather Bag and an antique Sterling and Turquoise Squash Blossom Necklace. 

3. We don't believe one can ever have too much leopard in their wardrobe whether you're wearing a leopard tee or top, a cozy sweater or how about the stunning hair on hide blue leopard on this handmade Cowboy Hat? Once again we've taken a dress that could go boho or beachy and turned it into Western Glam by adding the most gorgeous accessories EVER. Check out the cuff and that concho belt topped off by the cutest Cowgirl hat we've ever seen! 


    Boho Rust Ruffle Dress and Leopard hat         

4. Nothing like a little lace to western up an outfit. This Persimmon Lace Duster is perfect year round and pairs with basics to make a ho-hum into a BIG statement. Here we've put it with our Ivory Gauze Tank, boyfriend jeans and a straw hat. You could throw it on with a dress or even a pair of denim shorts and boots. 



5. What makes Blush Out West a standout among the western boutiques is the fact that there are two of us blending our unique styles and hand selecting each item. Depending on how you style it you can take just about any of our items and go from trendy and mainstream to Western Glam with a pop! This darling Cropped Mustard and White Jumpsuit is the perfect example of a fashion find that can take you from beach to rodeo.

6. A Vintage Tooled Leather Handbag, Turquoise and Sterling Jewels from the American Southwest and a Floral Romper in the cutest fabric we've ever seen. Need we say more. SWOON WORTHY Western Glam Fashion for you.

7. It's all in the details here at Blush Out West. We love Fringe, Embroidery, Great Leather Boots and of course Native American Made Turquoise Cuffs. The details make the outfit ladies! These are the things great outfits are made of and this little Embroidered number proves it!


8. As stated above, LEOPARD is a staple. Repeat after us, Leopard is a staple. We took this office worthy blouse (notice the ruffle details) from a day at the office paired with skinny trousers and heels to a night at the rodeo with a little....ok, a lot....of Turquoise Jewelry and Sterling Navajo Pearls, a great concho belt and of course a flared pair of trouser jeans. What's not to love about the versatility of this one little blouse?

9.The more feminine the pieces around here, the more we love them and their  Western Glam vibes. Nothing screams cowboy come rescue me from the prairie than a floral velvet kimono and staring off into the horizon. We're talking romance here! This little floral cutie can be paired with jeans and a tank or even be worn over a swimsuit as a coverup at the pool. You'll be one glamorous cowgirl.






Velvet Kimono

10. And this here proves that Western Glam is all in the Accessories! We don't have to know what Wren's wearing; maybe it's a jumpuit, a strapless top or even a bikini, but with these stunning pieces added to her outfit she took something from basic to "Dang Girl...". A leopard scarf looped around her neck, the hoop earrings and straw hat, LOVE. And the Lashes don't hurt either!

We think you'll really love these Western Glam Looks that we've created over here at Blush Out West. They really define what we do best. Finding and bringing you the cutest fashions that can take you from the office to the rodeo.Glamming it up along the way with our gorgeous one of a kind, hand-crafted American Southwest Jewelry, vintage finds and feminine details. We've always been great at pulling together the outfits that inspire others to strive for more! Because afterall, you only get to make one first impression.









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