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Wren's Canby Cottage Makeover

If you follow us on IG @blushoutwest you know that Wren has been very busy with home improvement projects on the house she and Jake bought back at the end of 2020. They found a great little starter house in Canby, Oregon, where Jake has been born and raised, still surrounded by his family. Canby is a really nice little, farming community that has lots of small mom and pop businesses and has not been overrun by big box stores. It's so refreshing to see that!  Wren gets many messages asking her about details on the projects she has done so we thought we'd put it all in a blog post for you gals who are interested. She also started...

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Ready For International Travel? We Sure Were!

If you follow us, you know we aren't living in the shadow of fear that's been perpetrated on the world for the last year and three months (but who's counting)? We've been all over the country and back from Florida to California and in between, to Tennessee, Oregon and Texas. But it was high time for us to get back to Mexico! We were more than ready to flee for a stress free vacation  to the white sand beaches of the Riviera Maya and the huge meandering pools, endless buffets and decadent massages. We're not here to tell you you should head to Mexico too, but we want to let those who are ready to travel in on the deets...

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What You Need On Hand For Cold Weather Emergencies.

After having just experienced an Ice Storm knocking out all power and services, we have compiled a must have list of items every household needs on hand. I know we all think we've got time and we'll get that item later, but then never get around to getting it. You just don't know when you'll need something and trust us, you'll be so thankful you have every item on this list.

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The Making Of A Dreamy Faux Wedding

As we all know, 2020 was a humdinger of a year! So many people, business and lives impacted in unimaginable ways and our prayers go out to each person having a tough time as we roll through 2021 feeling much of the same. Many entrepreneurs and small business people went from full schedules to no schedules and had lots of time for creative thinking once the novelty wore off. One thing is for sure, many of us small business owners are resilient and can pivot on a dime!                              This was evident when Blush Out West was approached by a local Colorado videographer, Kalina, owner of Roots...

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