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Meet the Gals We've Teamed Up w/in Our Latest Campaigns

We love to work with other women business owners, whether that be influencers, fellow boutique owners, photographers, artists and more! There is nothing more gratifying than putting together an idea, brainstorming what it looks like, reaching out to see who would like to partner up and then bringing it to life. When there's a shared overall vision that each person then brings their individuality to, the most amazing things happen!  Meet Brook She was born and raised on the northeastern plains of Colorado. She comes from a long line of farmers and ranchers. Their family farm was named a Centennial Farm in 2016, which means the farm has remained a working farm/ranch in the Mortensen family continuously for over 100 years. She...

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The Making of a Western Wedding

If you follow Blush Out West and Wren on Social Media you know her big day is fast approaching. The engagement seemed like a long one but the months have flown by. Wren and Jake got engaged back on Christmas Eve of 2022 and she got started knocking things off her list right away. In fact, I haven't had to help much at all! I've been here to run a few ideas by, shop for the wedding dress and pay a few deposits. I'm frequently reminded that when I got married almost 27 years ago, things were different, and yes, they do this now. No kidding, I walked away with 10 blurry photos and memories of doing the Macarena all night...

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Recap of the Cowgirl Code of the West Retreat

Our first ever Cowgirl Code of the West Retreat was nothing short of amazing. It was one of those rare times when you realize the women, activities, topics and destination all came together to give a once in a lifetime experience for those that were in attendance, Wren and I included! Here's a recap of all that the weekend included and an intro to each gal that joined us. Give them a follow on IG!                                ~ Hostess with the mostess, retreat planner and Innovative Marketing presenter, our very own trailblazer, Wren LeVan.                          ...

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NFR Western Fashions 2022 Did Not Disappoint!

Wow. Western Fashion reached a whole new level at this year's NFR! The creativity, fashion forward trends and style was phenomenal! There is going to be some serious pressure next year. At this rate, the NFR is going to be THE new Red Carpet Event. Let's take a look at our favorites. ~~~ Fashion Forward Trend Setter goes to......Anna Frentress ( ) We are so in love with her retro equestrian look. You know we love our thrifted pieces, mixed in with a bit of new so her retro western vibe is right on target with all that we love!! It's classy, it's western, it's vintage, it's detailed, it's amazing! It's a mood... ~~~ Best Custom Made Piece....goes to Cowgirl Cait (@Cowgirl.cait)....

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Top 10 Items in Our Wardrobe! What we can't do without.

You know those items in your closet that you reach for over and over and you'd buy all over again? Do you have a few things that you'd never part with? We want to hear what they are and we'll tell you what ours are!  Some things are just plain comfortable, so you're always wearing them. Your favorite pair of leggings or sweatshirt are always hard to part with. Others are just so special that they'll be a staple, maybe forever. Like the Louis Vuitton bag or Gucci belt you saved and saved for. Those are pieces you'll have forever and one day they'll be vintage and your daughter or granddaughter will want them! I'm still hoarding a pink Gucci...

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