Wren and Vanessa

Just your average 21 year old girl, who aspires to be a fit, healthy eating, outgoing, fun, adventurous motivator for other young women. I'm originally from California and moved to Colorado with my family almost 9 years ago. I enjoy traveling around and going to cattle shows, whether I'm showing, helping or just watching. The cattle industry is one of my passions. I love to vacation, especially to Mexico where I can eat rice pudding. I spend hours on end on Pinterest and Instagram and sit at local coffee shops and do homework.

I've recently switched my major to Business because hey!, I'm getting real life training on a daily basis. Growing up with a mother who owned a clothing store has always made me interested in fashion and it was a natural fit when I joined her in the business.

Photo: Jenn Hernandez Photography

I'm Vanessa, mom to Wren, whom you can read all about above, but also mom to Chase. I'm proud to say Chase recently joined the Army and will be busy learning about drones. He enjoys hanging out with his friends and snowboarding.I'm married to their dad, my high school sweetheart Shawn, and we love vacationing at the beach and exploring old homes and towns and doing things that make us sound like old people!  I love anything beautiful with a little piece of its own history. I enjoy sewing, the sun and flowers and creating and building a sustainable business empire with Wren. I have a passion for learning and implementing business ideas and being supportive of other women doing the same!

5 Must Haves in my purse right now - Chapstick, lipstick, flossers, debit card and gum. 

My Current Loves are the smells of fall, books, my sewing machine and my hubby!

Photo: Jennifer Riches Photography