Wren and Vanessa

I'm Wren, just a 27 year old gal, who loves everything fashion, has a huge obsession for cowboy boots, and enjoys mixing newer trends with a western twist. I aspire to be a motivator for other young women, all while growing our online business through innovative Look Books, events, Fashion shows and more. After getting married last year, I knew I was going to remain in Oregon for the long haul, where we opened up a Christmas Holiday Pop-Up that has turned into a permanent store front where we have many other small business vendors, host many events, and we are even opening a coffee bar inside. The idea behind this is a "permanent Sip n Shop" where gals can come grab a cup of coffee, work on their laptops and shop many businesses under one roof. 

Working in and promoting the western lifestyle is one of my passions and I've created a life that brings together all that I love. I enjoy cattle shows, ranch work with my husband Jake and working on my business. I love to road trip for buying trips with my mom and business partner, Vanessa, and  go on vacation, especially to Mexico with endless buffets and beach time. 

Growing up with a mother who owned a clothing store has always made me interested in fashion and it was a natural fit when I joined her in the business and made some adjustments to make Blush Out West what it is today. 


I'm Vanessa, mom to Wren, who you can read all about above, and also mom to Chase. I'm proud to say Chase is enlisted in the Army, ensuring the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. He enjoys hanging out with his friends and snowboarding when he's home. I'm married to their dad, my high school sweetheart Shawn, and we love vacationing at the beach and exploring old homes and towns and doing things that make us sound like old people!  I love anything beautiful with a little piece of its own history. I enjoy sewing, the sun and flowers and creating and building a sustainable business empire with Wren. I love to go on girl's trips, chatting, drinking coffee and laughing. So good for the soul. I have a passion for learning and implementing business ideas and being supportive of other women doing the same!


Photo: Jennifer Riches Photography