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The Blush Detectives

Join us, The Blush Detectives, brought to you by Vanessa and Wren with Blush Out West. We are amateur detectives, just minding our own business as we catch crooks, thieves, pervs, con artists, or whatever the day brings our way. And it always makes for an interesting tale.
We are a mother/daughter duo running an online women's boutique, Blush Out West. We have fun working together, building our business and catching small town crimes happening right before our eyes. It seems, morals have slipped into the abyss and everywhere you look something is going on and we're here for the documenting! So join us for these fun tales and the occasional fashion tip.
Original Music by Shawn Winn

Nudist On The Loose


Boutique Nightmares - When One Of Your Own Turns On You


 Beware Of The Sex Traffickers

College Roommate Fiascos

Catfished In The Walmart Parking Lot

Catch Me If You Can

When Felons Strike

Down On The Boardwalk

What's Going On In Your Neighborhood

Drunk On The Fringes Of True Crime

Marketing Tips For Small Online Businesses

Just A Swingin' At The Local Swingers Club

Are We Living In The Twilight Zone?

When the Red Robes of Cardinals, Oprah & Fairies Collide - Living in a world of hallucinations

Let's Talk Biz & Behind The Scenes With Fashion Influencers

Down On The Boardwalk Part 2