5 Easy Tips On How To Get the Beachy Waves You've Always Wanted

Wren often gets asked how she curls her hair, what she uses and the process she goes through to get the beachy waves she loves. Let's be honest here, she has been blessed with nice hair. Wren's hair grows fast, although sometimes she wears extensions, but not in this video and she doesn't really like to wash her hair much and often just throws it up on top of her head! But when she does want to put in a little bit of effort and wear her hair down and flowing, this is how she does it. She put together a video tutorial for all of you to see exactly what she does for that pretty beachy curl. 

  1. She started with clean hair that she had washed and blow-dried that morning. 
  2. She used an oil in her damp hair before drying. Contact her if you'd like more info on what that oil is. 
  3. She used a wand curling iron set at a medium heat setting.
  4. She takes small pieces, about an 1" or so, of hair and winds it around the wand from top to bottom. 
  5. And that's it! Once you've curled all pieces you brush out with your fingers and finish with a light misting of hair spray. 

If you don't have hair that curls quite as easily as Wren's, aka. damaged hair!, then you may need to apply a styling cream to your damp hair before drying. Then continue with the next steps. 

We hope you enjoyed this short video tutorial on 5 Easy Tips On How Get The Beachy Waves You've always wanted. If you have other questions or need tips for something else from either Wren or Vanessa, let us know, we'd love to help you out! 

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