5 Ways To Get More Blush In Your Life

BLUSH. It's a color, it's a feeling, it's a product, it's a destination.

That's why it's the perfect name for us. It's all that we are, all that we desire to be. We love the feminine qualities that the word invokes. It's soft, yet mighty. When I look at the color I feel my heart literally say "ahhhh" and breath a little deeper and settle in. Have you looked at colors before and waited for your bodies reaction? It's so interesting!

As for product, who doesn't love a little Blush in their lives?! Whether it's a rosy tint on your cheeks from Blessed Beauty that makes everyone look more fresh and vibrant or a fabulous clothing find in a gorgeous Blush pink, we love it all!

Wouldn't you agree that some things are just a little more special when they come in Blush! We have inquired about getting cowboy hats from our favorite Texas vendor in pink. How cute would that be?! And every Girls Night Out or In calls for a Blush Rosé, always more special! Check out Fabulous Bubbles  for all your Sparkly girly needs!

Here are 5 Ways to Add More Blush To Your Life!

1. A Gorgeous Pink Wall Hanging made out of tulle. I was to inspired by this beauty that I'm making my own version! Thank you Ruffledblog.com for the ideas and inspiration.


2. Cheesecake Sugar Cookies with Pink Frosting. I don't think you could go wrong with these! I'm going to try this recipe from The Cozy Cook and see how it goes. I gave up bread for Lent, this doesn't count, right?


3. Leopard and Pink, what a combo! You know we LOVE our Leopard around here at Blush and we were pleasantly surprised to come back from our last buying trip with quite a few pieces for Spring. Check out this Pinterest photo for some Outfit Inspo!


4. Gorgeous Pink Flowers. If I ever live somewhere warm again, you know like at the beach, I'm going to plant all my pink flowers that I took for granted when I could grow them in Napa! Living in Colorado is challenging for beautiful yards and the season is fairly short. Good thing the natural landscape is pretty! Check out this beautiful Bougainvillea photo from Pinterest. LOvE LoVE LOVe


5. Cutest Nike Flyknit's in light pink, makes me want to workout extra hard to get a cute outfit to match and join a real gym. Far cry from my 7:00 am workout in my Target shorts and Saucony's at the local rec center where they can't make the room cold enough for us because the seniors come in for a class next and complain. Maybe if I up my game....


Here you have it, our current 5 favorite ways to bring more Blush into your life right now. Pink always make me feel more feminine and pretty and I love the calming, loving effect it brings into a house when used in your decor. So go for it, go get yourself something in pink today, whether it's a pale blush pink, a rosy pink or a bright and energizing pink! We love it all!

With love from Colorado,

Vanessa & Wren



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