5 Ways to Reconnect with Your Mom

Are you and your mom looking for some fresh ideas on how to spend time together? It's common to head to the mall for a little retail therapy together or grab a bite to eat and catch up over lunch, but are you looking for a little more adventure and an idea where there is a little more connection happening over something other than cheesecake? Here are 5 different ideas the two of you can try that won't break the bank, more exciting than the mall and provide some laughter, fun, relaxation and just time together. I get it, not all mother/daughter relationships are trouble free and there are many dynamics that play into positive, wholesome, comforting, supportive relationships. But you have to start somewhere! Believe me, know....

Before my mom passed away she and I certainly didn't have the relationship that Wren and I have. To create this great mother/daughter relationship we have it takes firm parenting, selflessness on my part, guidance yet freedom to make mistakes (not sure Wren will agree she had freedom!) and of course unconditional love. Building bonds is hard, yet incredibly rewarding work. My mom and I actually enjoyed spending time together and a lot of the same activities but she chose addiction over all the positives in her life that could have brought her so much joy had she only worked on more self healing. And that my friends, is the cold reality. You have to have a healthy mind to have healthy relationships because things like addiction have a way of ruining all relationships. No exceptions. That's another story for another day and makes me even more thankful for the relationships I've built with Wren and Chase. So....if you do have a rough thing going with your mom but are looking to reconnect and spend time with her, then these 5 excursions are a great place to start. Totally out of the box and one is sure to light your fire! 

1. Haunted Night Tour of a local Hotel or City~ Nothing like being a little scared to strengthen that bond, you can cling to eachother for dear life! Checkout Groupon or this site for the best ones, there are tours for only $10 in a bunch of different cities!

2. Caving ~ Ok, this is for the more adventurous, fit moms and daughters but there is nothing like a day with exercise, dirt, exploring the unknown and laughs. Caving is guaranteed to provide all that! Most areas in the US have some sort of group caving adventures within a couple hours drives. Close by us we have Cave of the Winds, offering different levels of caving excursions. Go for the most rugged!

3. High Tea ~ This will give you both the chance to get all dolled up in a pretty dress and display your best manners. Bring another mom and daughter with you for lots of good conversation and laughs over your biscuits. Right near us in Denver, we can head to the Historic Brown Palace Hotel for a lovely high tea experience replete with tea sandwiches and real china. Check out the ones offered in your areas. 

4. Shopping ~ Ok, I said retail therapy is too common of an activity, yet here it is on my list! But, this excursion isn't your average day at the mall, it's way more exciting with the thrill of the hunt and who knows, maybe you might find something you lost! If you're anywhere near Alabama, check out the Unclaimed Baggage Center where airlines send everything found. Can you imagine the treasures awaiting you here????

5. Candle Making ~ If you're the creative types or would like to try to be, give candle making a try. Seems like something even the non-crafty can't mess up too badly and imagine how delicious it will smell! Add in a little lunch or dinner and you've got yourselves a fun bonding experience with something to go home with to remember it by. 

There you have it. 5 different ways to bond with your mom. After all, it takes spending quality time together to build strong relationships. I hope you've been intrigued by at least one of these adventures and had your eyes open to the different possibilities just waiting for you and your mom to enjoy! There is something for everyone, from crafting to eating to a physical excursion and of course a little shopping, because we are after all, girls who love clothes ;)

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