7 Habits of a Confident Woman

Blush Out West wants to help you develop your sense of style. If you happen to be one of the many women that aren't quite sure what your sense of style is, or you don't like your sense of style or maybe you're at a crossroads and your style is changing, then this series of Blog Posts is for you! Our hope is that reaching into your closet and pulling something out will no longer cause you to cringe or blindly reach, hoping to come out with something that matches, but to be excited to get dressed and represent who you truly are and shine bright by the style you step out in.

In the last blog post we gave you tips on developing your inner confidence because that is the starting point in having a unique sense of style. Check out that post here if you haven't had the chance to read it yet. 

We believe your sense of style develops when you are fully confident in who you are inside. If there's turmoil brewing inside, which of course happens to all of us, it's time to figure that out so can fully step into you!

Need some clear signs that you are a confident woman? Here are 7 Habits that we've identified that point to a woman who stands firm on her two feet, walks with purpose and knows what she wants. 

1. She has clear goals. Write them down ladies!

2. She knows confidence is more than appearance. 

3. She displays confident body language. Shoulders back, walks with purpose, looks into other's eyes, firm handshakes. 

4. She knows her strengths...and weaknesses. She'll ask for help when needed and offer assistance when asked.

5. She creates her own success. No one owes her anything and her success and what that looks like to her is in her power only.

6. Self-care. She's not afraid to treat herself and make sure she always looks and feels her best. 

7. She steps outside her comfort zone. She knows that to grow and prosper, you must challenge yourself. 

So, there you have it, the 7 habits at Blush Out West that define us as women on the rise, women who are achieving our goals, women who are clear in what we want and women have developed our sense style through confidence.  

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  • Christina Ward

    I love this post…kind of want it for my vision board!

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