And...I'm off to Mexico again!

I {love} Mexico, especially with my hubby!

Say what? You haven't been on vacation in over a year, or two or three, or five. You need to fix that fast! Vacation is so incredibly important on so many levels. It's where you can really connect on a fun, easy, stress free level with whoever you go with. It's where you can have someone else cook for you (my personal fave), where you can read without feeling guilty, where you can sit and listen to the waves and not feel like you should be doing something else or gasp, you can even nap without your significant other getting mad at you (Shawn, this one's for you ;) )
Your BRAIN needs this, your body needs this, your relationships need this
You need this. 
  • Must haves for My Ideal Vacation: a beach, a bikini and a book. Oh, and coffee, yes, definitely coffee.  I'm easy, what can I say?
  • Where to for your Ideal Vacation? Are you a mountain girl, we won't say Mountain Woman because for some reason that doesn't evoke a pretty picture! Are you a travel all over Europe kind of gal, a hit the road for a road trip girl, a bacon and coffee on those early morning campfires kind of gal, or a beach girl like me? What lights you up and relaxes you? Several years ago we went on a trip with my aunts, Wren and her friend Bradi to Southern California. It was Amaaaazing! One thing that I distinctly remember is one of my aunts realizing she was humming, yes humming, as she sat on the back patio lisening to the waves rolling in. She couldn't remember ever humming before! 
  • When are you going? If you don't put it on the calendar and take the first step to planning, it won't happen. This year I've made it a priority to take a vacation of some sort every several months. It's on my vision board so it has to come true! (Side note: The power of intention is not something to mess around with. When I put it on my vision board, mysterious things begin to happen to make it all come true. Give it a try.) I'm actually one ahead since I'm going to Mexico again this month.
  • Who do you like to vacation with? I like a good mixture and now that I'm going at least every 3 months I can mix it up without feeling guilty! I love Mexico with my hubby, it's probably my all time favorite. Nothing like long beach strolls, lounging in the lapping waves together, and did I mention, no cooking? Head out for a girls trip, a second honeymoon, a mother/son trip (that's up next for me) or a trip with a group of couples. How fun is that?! 
  • What activites do you like? Do you go on the tours and sightsee for all hours of the day? If I was going to Europe I'd want to see it all! Are you about action packed days heading into the forests on four wheelers or horses? Or will they find you at the Spa wrapped in towels with cucumbers on your eyes? Whatever you like to do on vacation, make it a point to do at least one activity, maybe even a little out of your comfort zone. Hey, what's wrong with a little personal growth on vacation?
  • What's in your suitcase? I shared about what my necessities are for Mexico, what are yours? Are you a light packer or a just-in-case-I-need-this packer? I personally think it's better to be safe than sorry, take an extra suitcase ;) I do suggest not taking your expensive jewelry, better to err on the safe side. We have such a great variety of cute, trendy, fun pieces that won't break the bank. Check them out HERE
  • We challenge you to book a trip this week and send us an email or message and tell us where you're going.

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