Top 10 Items in Our Wardrobe! What we can't do without.

You know those items in your closet that you reach for over and over and you'd buy all over again? Do you have a few things that you'd never part with? We want to hear what they are and we'll tell you what ours are! 

Some things are just plain comfortable, so you're always wearing them. Your favorite pair of leggings or sweatshirt are always hard to part with. Others are just so special that they'll be a staple, maybe forever. Like the Louis Vuitton bag or Gucci belt you saved and saved for. Those are pieces you'll have forever and one day they'll be vintage and your daughter or granddaughter will want them! I'm still hoarding a pink Gucci bag I got many years ago, part of their cruise collection, that I haven't let Wren get her hands on! Then again, she also tried to give a small little Gucci bag I've had since 7th grade to the Goodwill, so maybe I don't trust her with it! Don't worry, I rescued it before it made it to Goodwill. It's sitting safely in my closet until she can show some appreciation. Ha-Ha. 

I'm sure you assume that most of our wardrobe comes from our own store. For me, that's very true. I like to just take it off the rack and not have to shop outside of Blush. I technically shopped it already when we sourced it, so that counts as shopping, right?! Wren, on the other hand, loves shopping, so she has a more diverse wardrobe. She also loves supporting other boutiques, so she's always ordering some special piece and has a lot of "treasures".

We're going to name some of our very favorite clothing and jewelry pieces that are forever keepers and those that we reach for over and over until it's long past time to make it into the giveaway bag. 

Our Top Favorite Wardrobe Items

1. As you've probably noticed her wearing, Wren's very favorite item she owns is a turquoise and sterling cuff that she picked up on our first trip to New Mexico. It is made by an artist we still carry today, he makes our favorite cuffs. In fact, I finally got myself one when she and I went on our last buying trip there and have already worn it quite a bit. Check out this one we have in stock, it's by the same Native American Artist.

                       Large Chimney Butte Turquoise & Sterling Silver Cuff

We love his work. Here is Wren wearing her cuff. Expensive, yes, but worth every penny over a lifetime of wearing it. 

                        Chimney Butte Sterling Silver and Turquoise Jewelry Cuff

 2. Here's another piece that is very special! The leather and suede capes made by Western & Co are truly amazing. Super high quality, so original and now a must in Wren's wardrobe. And because one isn't enough, she had to add a new one to her collection this last week. Here is a photo of her in her first one that she got when we went to Fort Worth for Cowgirl's 30 Under 30 and click here for her latest cape! 

                                 Western & Co leather Cape at Wrangler and Cowgirl Magazine 30 Under 30

She even used the cape in her engagement photos by Alexandra Rae Photos.

        Alexandrarae photos


3. Let's move onto something very basic, very boring, but very necessary! Our favorite workout bra, MonaB. Blush does carry them here and there, but currently we have none in stock. It's not a racerback, so doesn't kill your neck, and has good support. We each have two colors and they're the ones I reach for almost every day! I'd say that makes it list worthy.

4. When Wren isn't getting fancy, and she's probably sporting her workout bra, her new favorite thing to wear, is a tennis skirt from TJ Maxx. One of her favorite stores. These skirts are cute, practical and comfy! She highly recommends you get yourself one! A girl has to have some relaxing clothes too! 

5. We all know we have our fair share of FreeBird boots making up a nice collection that anyone would envy. Totally obsessed with FreeBird boots and we appreciate their marketing, which is top notch and we follow closely. But... we also love our collection of boots here at Blush Out West that we hand choose for you (and us)! We love that we can occasionally choose to customize a boot and color and they are very comfortable too. We have a gorgeous personal collection of these ones too, I guess you could say we are boot gals! 

                      Liberty Black Boots

6. Speaking of footwear, I don't know what I'd wear every day, summer and winter, if I didn't have flip flops & real lambswool (a must) slippers. Both are on my feet at some point, everyday of the year. 

7. The Must Have Sweaters. If you know, you know. If you don't, you need to know! The are the softest, most basic loose fitting design that you will reach for several times a week, but really want to wear every day there's a chill in the air! They are that good. Get ready for the first round we just received for fall. They should hit the website soon! Here is a photo of them to jog your memory.

                        Super soft loose fitting sweater
8. A good statement earring. Another heirloom item you will hand down for generations. Wren just picked up what she thinks will be her wedding earrings on our last jewelry buying expedition when she was home a few weeks ago. They are White Buffalo & Sterling Silver, fairly flashy, and gorgeous. But she has a year to go, so we'll see if she sticks to them! These beauties just went to a new home. They are stunners!
                   Spiny oyster and sterling silver earrings
If they are a bit much for your earlobes, here are some beautiful Turquoise Studs, that still make a statement. Simple, yet elegant.
                    Turquoise stud earrings
9. We're kind of purse snobs over here. My handbag has to be real leather. I can't do the fake pleather or synthetic. There's just something to leather that makes it substantial, beautiful and it feels nice to the touch. Now, if it's a canvas, woven or fabric bag, that's fine, I have a few of those too. Just no fake leather for me! We have some gorgeous handmade bags by a couple of leather workers that are stunning and a new collection coming later this year that we just designed with LovLeathers! We're super excited to be working with Jen again, check out her IG. In the meantime, here is a bag of hers we love, perfect for fall in mustard hair-on-hide.
                    Out west LovLeathers bag
10. Last but not least, get yourself an amazing Sterling Silver and Turquoise Concho Belt. Now this is a BIG investment, but will be handed down for generations. And you will wear it a ton! We don't have any in stock, but if it's something you decide to add to your wardrobe, message us and we can send you some options. But until then, you can dream about them and window shop with this fun coffee table book we have in stock.
Concho belt coffee table book
Wren has high-jacked one from me that I purchased many years ago, that is a forever keeper. It has leopard leather and conchos, and it is a beauty. Blue Duster/Dress still in stock!
                      Concho belt
There you have it, our very favorite 10 items we reach for over and over in our closets! What are the must have fashion items in your life? We'd love to hear about them!

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