What Does Your Clothing & Jewelry Say About You?

If you want to know a woman, her innermost thoughts about herself, take a look in her closet and jewelry box, the answers are there. Throughout our lives, our style may change to fit our lifestyle and the theme of our lives at the time. I've gone through several phases throughout the years, but at the core I find that not much has changed. My true style is feminine, no fuss, comfortable and pretty. I've never been a huge jewelry wearer and I've always had nice purses. My mom started that trend way too young when she bought me my first Gucci in 7th grade. The same Gucci Wren was trying to hand off to the Goodwill a few years ago. Good thing I went through that bag!

That's not to say I've never gone through a few phases though, that are best left in the past, and that I don't continually need to spruce things up, but all in all, my style has remained.

In college, while earning my degree in Biology, we did a lot of hiking and tidepooling and I had the wardrobe to prove it. I wore plaid flannels, hiking boots and jeans. Oh and hip waders. I was a bit of a naturalist, what can I say!  (Needless to say, I wasn't tidepooling in Hawaii; Northern California waters are freezing!) Then a few years later as a new mom, my 24 year old self became a little more modest and dressed in sweater sets and loafers. That phase didn't last too long thank goodness! I think it was my worst one. My poor new husband, who went from a bride wearing lacey Victoria Secret to nursing bras and Chicos! But I always returned back to my true style, the Blush Out West Style! You can see everything I love and wear on the pages of our website

So yes, we all go through phases, but at our core we usually remain faithful to our style or at least versions of it, what is your true you?

~ Is your closet full of the clothes of a woman who loves feminine fashion, dresses and florals prints, a woman who feels pretty in her own skin? Or perhaps, what I like to call business feminine, with more pants than dresses, blouses and sweaters with pretty ruffles, soft fabrics, feminine lines and just girly! This blouse is exactly that. Pair with jeans, trousers or a pencil skirt.

~ Or are you a woman who is fit and lives at the gym? Does your closet have the latest workout wear, multiple pairs of workout tennis shoes and the clothes have actually been sweated in? As opposed to the woman who is wearing workout wear just to wear because let's face it, it's comfortable. You'll see her running around in her workout pants and hoodie all day long, because she hasn't gotten sweaty, so it's her actual outfit. I admit, guilty over here! This lady craves comfort and is maybe a litttle over putting in too much effort to looking great at the time or she actually works out all the time, looks darling in her workout clothes and/or teaches classes at the gym. Are your Athleisure outfits on point like this cute one (thank you Pinterest) from shop.lululemon.com

~ The woman with heels front and center in her closet that she actually wears frequently, she's probably 35 or younger and her mantra is "fashion over pain". She likes to look polished, sexy and is willing to go the extra mile to look good. She puts in some effort and appreciates a beautiful shoe. She appreciates femininity but also is very strong. Tell me this Pinterest woman is not in charge! Wren is notorious during try-on sessions for saying "If I had a job where I had to go to the office, I'd wear this...". 

~ Or maybe you're the creative blogger gal who puts different things together that the rest of us don't think of. She is paving her own way, setting trends and rocking her confidence. Thse are the girls we love to follow for inspiration. West Desperado always has some fun daring looks to inspire us!

~ Perhaps you're the woman with the closet full of 10 year old items, nothing in style, but hey, it's all still functional. Sometimes you just have to step back and evaluate with a clear eye or have a trendier friend over to help you weed through the closet and make a get-rid-of-pile. These things have got to go. Of course, there are some nice pieces that don't go out of style or come around again, but those had to be special to begin with and have staying power. We're not talking your basic blouse you picked up 10 years ago, that one goes in the rid pile. Don't be afraid to throw something and start afresh!

We know who we are and what we represent over here at Blush Out West. We are two ladies in two very different phases of life with a love of cute clothes and bringing the best to our shoppers.  

For Wren, her fashion statement is loud and clear, she always wears the gorgeous Turquoise pieces we offer. They are stunning and we can see what they say about her. She cares about quality, appreciates craftsmenship, she's worth the price and she's unique like each stone. One statement cuff can say all of that!

I (Vanessa) need to step it up! Most of the time you'll see me in the above category of workout wear all day, and it's not the cute stuff! And I may or may not have worked out. I do have a thing for handbags. I can't carry a cheap, non-leather bag (unless it's another natural material like straw or fabric. Just no plastic!). I don't even need the iconic brand bag, I just need a well made bag. What does this say about me. I don't like cheap, I like natural materials, I appreciate well done craftsmanship and I'm worth the price. Explore what something you love says about you, it may surprise you!

You'll notice your style and the contents of your closet evolves and changes throughout the years, just as you yourself change. It's very interesting, you can see who a woman was, who she is now and who she'll become in the near future. Your closet doesn't lie. 

We're almost to 2020 and it's a great time to do a closet clean-out and make room for fresh things that define who you are today and your plans for the future. Don't be caught looking back.

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