Heading to a Business Conference? Here's what you'll want to pack.

Having attended quite a few conferences in my entrepreneurial journey, I've learned what the necessities are that you'll want to have in your suitcase. I'm of the mind that less is NOT more, you don't know what you may need! Better to be over-prepared. 

    • A cardigan or sweater – It’s always freezing at these things. Where do they think we’re all coming in from, Antarctica? I always take a pashmina or scarf as well. Doubles as a blanket on the plane, a cold conference room or looks cute if you head outside and it's chilly.
    • Something to make you stand out. Are you going to have a deck of mini cards you've created with phrases or quotes instead of business cards (just a little like fortune telling, but not quite ;)), wear a flower in your hair, wear a funky pair of glasses, have the best shoes in the room every day or have a theme to your jewelry, a great collection of turquoise perhaps?
    • Breath Mints – You’re going to be meeting new people and trying to connect, don’t be remembered for halitosis!
    • Let's talk outfits. We are not going to the gym, the barn, the Renaissance Faire or a boring day at the office. We are going to make an impression and we all know it's the first few seconds that count. Think comfortable but fashionable. Professional, not stuffy. Trendy but not too out there. Imagine pencil skirts, trendy blazer with ¾ sleeves, skinny trousers, leave the baggy hippy wear and workout wear at home. We all love it but it’s not appropriate for business conferences.
    • A conservative but cute cocktail dress. Nothing too low cut or too short. A classy dress to take you from dinner to a chatty evening around a high top table. You may or may not use this but you’ll be prepared just in case there’s some great networking going on at a nearby bar that you wouldn't want to miss.
    • Salt soaks for tired feet and a bathing suit. It’s great to unwind and relax your sore muscles from sitting all day or from being on your feet for hours. If you're up for a little more networkign the hot tub can be a great way to meet people with their guards down as they soak away. If not up for the hot tub and need some time to unwind alone or with your roomy, try filling your tub with aromatic foot salts for a refreshing time.
    • An Intention! What do you expect to get out of this conference? Are you there to solely learn, make great connections, walkaway with an action plan, motivation or even just to clear your head? When you go with a clear intention and WRITE IT DOWN, you are bound to come away with more. 

    These are some of my favorite things that have come in handy at the conferences I've attended. Oh, and chocolate. Always good to have a few pieces on hand.

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