Hey You! 5 Fab Date Ideas For Valentine's Day

Can you believe we're here talking about Valentine's Day already? Didn't we just ring in the New Year, like yesterday?

But hey, Valentine's Day is this week and let's talk real love. Obviously, Wren and I are at very different places in our relationships with our guys. She's young, college age, and has been with Jake for a few years. I've got 20+ years on her and been married to her dad forever. But funnily enough, I think we're both in similar places in our relationships on some level. They are still in the fun dating stage (they just went to Disneyland), he's still trying to impress her once in a while and she likes to buy him nice gifts. Wren's dad and I have raised two kids, have gone through lots of ups and downs; the good, the bad and the ugly. We need Valentine's Day more than ever!

And we are at a place again where we can have the carefree dates, spontaneous trips with no kids and enjoy just being in proximity to the other person. We're back to the start, just like Wren and Jake! So let's share some fun dates that'll be sure to invoke some laughs, give you some good together-time and is more than your average movie night and dinner.

Date 1 ~ Let's start out Valentine's Day bright and early and spend the whole day together. Afterall, it's not called Valentine's dinner, it's Valentine's DAY! Since it is winter and a large part of the U.S is within 2 hours of mountains, we're going to be heading to a winter wonderland for a day of romance. There's something special about starting out a morning when the sun is just coming up, with your special someone by side. Stop by your favorite coffee shop, grab some coffee and something yummy and hit the road to the nearest slopes. We're going skiing! Exercise will get the endorphins flowing, some good old sunshine and Vitamin D will boost your moods and you can count on some laughter. Skiing isn't quite up your alley? Don't be afraid to try a day of snowshoeing or sledding instead. All around a great active day.  But it's not over! Oftentimes, where there are mountains and skiing, there are natural hot springs. So trade your ski pants for a swim suit when you get off the mountain and rest your weary muscles alongside your honey in a hot thermal pool. Sneak in a few kisses and your day is complete.

Date 2 ~ Couples who play together stay together. Let's get our sweat on. If you're looking for a low cost option to incorporate some fun and together time, you can't beat your local Rec Center. A game or two of racquetball is sure to induce some laughter, exercise and fun followed up by a nice soak in the hot tub and still leave you enough cash to grab a burrito afterwards. How's that for a night out? 

Date 3 ~ Professional sports games are a favorite pastime and crowd pleaser and it just so happens that quite a few NBA teams have a game on Valentine's day. Sure to make your sweetie happy and always fun people watching to do, makes for a fun night out. Grab an early dinner and watch someone else get their sweat on. 

Date 4 ~ Another vote for an all DAY date. Play tourist in the city nearest you. Get an early start with a coffee date. When was the last time you sat and chatted over coffee with your hubby in a coffee shop? Me, I don't know if we've ever done that! Then head for the city in some comfy shoes and get ready to explore museums, an historical house tour and any fun stores you pass by. Sometimes you just don't know what's right under your nose! It's fun to learn something new together. Who knows, you might discover a new passion. 

Date 5 ~ We're going to go all out for this one! Brush off your passport, you may need it. You're going to be heading out on Thursday and plan on calling in sick on Friday from work for a 3 day weekend for this date. Head on over to Expedia Deals or Apple Vacations Deals and randomly pick one of the last minute trips. Some of the deals I just found were Vegas, Cancun (yes, please), Florida, Los Angeles (Disneyland, here we come), and lot's more! If you must, you can even road trip. So many options!

I know this is last minute, that's the point; I know this is out of your comfort zone, that's the point; I know you have a million things to do over the weekend. Trust me, they'll still be there when you get back. I know you have a dog that has to be fed; Neighbors love to help out.  Stop making excuses and be spontaneous! You and your date are going to be feeling some nervous excitement, not knowing what to expect since nothing is planned, and that will cause some bonding to occur. You're in this adventure together. Relax and see what comes your way.

There you have it. 5 Valentine's Day Dates that will have you connecting with each other more than sitting in the dark at the movie theatre and will get your blood and ideas flowing more than sitting down to dinner at a restaurant. We can't wait to hear which ones you try out! And don't think they're only for Valentine's Day!


Vanessa & Wren 

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