I Feel It's My Patriotic Duty......

Hello Blush Fans, 

If you like to keep your head buried in the sand, this blog post is not for you.

As a mom to a US soldier, who goes to work each night to actively ensure the safety and freedoms each one of us has, I feel I need to do my part too. I can at least share some interesting info that others might be interested in researching for themselves, info that not everyone is talking about. Our son did one year of college and then decided the Army was for him. One weekend he came home and told me, "mom, I just don't know if I can do this. The liberalism that is being forced down our throats is not right. I have to write a paper and I'm going to have to lie in order to get a passing grade from the professor."  I heard this from a couple of his friends also, both of whom were at different colleges. Chase was in a cowtown in Colorado, imagine the propaganda being served up at the big Universities. At least varying views should be shared. 

As I said months ago, we are living in the Twilight Zone. If things feel upside down and nothing makes sense, it's because everything IS upside down and DOESN'T make sense. They, whoever they are, for there certainly is a group with an agenda behind this, want to keep us confused and second guessing ourselves. I became very aware of this tactic by the time I was in high school and had to deal with my mom and most recently my Dad, both of whom were/are alcoholics. Something occurs, you see or hear it with your own eyes or ears and when you question them, they look you in the eye and tell you that's not what you saw or heard and you must be nuts. You actually do question yourself and if you're one to bury your head in the sand you accept it and think you're the one losing it. This is when I began to develop one of my core strengths, discernment. Standing firm in what I know to be true and not allowing doubt to creep in. You learn things are what they seem in life, if you are willing to see the clues, accept the clues and trust your intuition. 

Here are a few obvious examples of how they're keeping the population floating in confusion. Do you not think that we need to question that one can go to Home Depot or the the liquor store but can't go sit on a beach?  Or shouldn't we question that a business owner got fined for going into her own closed store to host a Facebook Live video to try and sell a few things to feed her kids, but the hoodlums that burn down other peoples businesses receive no repercussions and are encouraged to do it again the next night?  Shouldn't we wonder why               T w i t t e r censors Donald T r u m p tweeting about the riots by flagging his tweet "when the looting starts the shooting starts" but T w i t t e r defends its non-censorship of      I r a n calling for mass g e n o c i d e, listen for yourself? Since when can't cops, who are risking their lives everyday, especially now, accept a cup of coffee from grateful citizens (Wren and I tried to buy two guys their morning coffee in Santa Monica and they told us it isn't allowed, they're being watched) but the homeless, now designated as "emergency front-line workers" in San Francisco, are being put up in luxury hotels and given pot and alcohol and are asked to call the front desk before they shoot-up. You can't make this stuff up!! Here's one more totally upside down bit of crazy talk. I personally love being and being called a woman and find it highly offensive that we're now being referred to Individuals, more directly individuals with a cervix. If this isn't the most ridiculous thing I've heard I don't know what is. 

If you know anything about me, you know I don't care if you're liberal, right, left, somewhere in between. In fact, I think it's what keeps things interesting and more colorful. However, I hope everyone can see that that's not what we're even talking about here anymore. There is an agenda that was put in place to bring our Great Country to her knees. We are in the throes of it and it is time to fight back. This is a war against Good vs evil.  We've been infiltrated through our Universities, the Catholic Church (I am a proud Catholic), the Higher ups, all the way down to city policies. We need to be very worried and fight back against this evil agenda. What that looks like I don't know, but it's why I'm writing this. I have a few people who read my blog so maybe I can open a few eyes. We have to decide what that may look like for each of us personally, but we can no longer be passive. Usually, we like to keep it light around here at Blush, because the outside world is crazy enough, but I think it's time to just put some info out there that I know is not being talked about in most places. I can remain silent no longer.

I've recently talked to a couple of friends, my brother, aunt and employees at some stores about some of these things I've come across and none of them had heard any of this, I realized I spend way too much time researching, but I should be sharing it.  When Wren and I were in L.A. a couple of weeks ago it was alarming how paranoid everyone in the area is and I realized information is not reaching people based on several things some of the gals in the showrooms had not heard about. L.A has done a great job of scaring the life out of people. Below are a few things everyone should research for themselves and gather more information. Even if only 3 people read this and learn something then it was worth it! 

Here are the things that make me go HMMMMM????

I smelled a rat from the first days of the Plandemic and I'm usually pretty good at sussing out rats, as you know, if you've been following along with my Dad's scammer story. Update coming soon on that front. This is so much more than a pandemic, that is just a side note to keep us all distracted. What we are experiencing is a ton of information coming to a head and being revealed that certain people don't want the light shed on. I am more convinced than ever that this is Good vs evil. Our Country has been infiltrated.  

Seemed pretty obvious to me that the goal of the Corona was to freak us out and force us to stay home for mail in voting. Even the state of Washington has an end date to their Emergency Declaration for safety standard rules and prohibited business activities. Here is the link to the 182 page document, but you only need to read to the bottom of page one to see the emergency ends a few weeks after the election. The date has moved a few times, just the other day it was immediately after the election. A little too obvious perhaps?  At least we know there's an end in sight!

Even though many people feel something is up, they are bombarded with all these (false) numbers and so many opinions and stories and confusion, that we don't know what to think! One day we're wearing masks, next day we're not. The boxes of masks say they don't work, but we're labeled thoughtless human beings if we don't wear the masks that don't work. Kids are super spreaders, oh wait, no they aren't. You must wear a face covering and a bandana will work just fine as do all the cute little fabric masks. Do you know how microscopic a virus is? Trust me, it has no problem finding its way right out the bottom or through your bandana. Get ready for goggles, Dr. Fauci just said if we really want protection we should wear them (as he flips off the camera) and boy is the mainstream media running with that story, loving the tidbit for more fearmongering among the American people. Can you imagine him sitting back and laughing as we all run around with these stupid masks and goggles when he's sitting at baseball games without his mask on? Is anyone still listening to this clown? Is this how we all act each winter for the flu or cold that we know is raging each year?

Why are the numbers not being reported correctly? There's a reason, don't think there's not. I was so alarmed to hear the gals in the showrooms where we get our merchandise talking about how bad the virus was in Florida and Texas because that's what the news was saying that week, but the news was also failing to report that the books had been cooked. Including positives for people who never took the test! Which brings me to a good friend of my brothers. This friend's brother-in-law was supposed to get tested for work, signed up to take the test, went to the facility and waited and waited and then just left without taking the test. But wouldn't you know it, he received his positive test results in the mail, without ever testing. Make you go Hmmmm. Then tragically, just last week this man's mom died of something rupturing in her abdomen and going septic. But guess what the death certificate says? C o v i d. Yep, a complete lie. This man is livid with his two personal false C o v i d experiences in two weeks. He says he's taking it to the news and telling as many people as he can. 

Just as the Plandemic was getting going a few months ago, Crime Junkies released a very timely podcast episode on the murder of Barry and Honey Sherman who just happened to be the largest Canadian manufactures of hydroxychloroquine. Coinkydink I'm sure. Just this week Canada approved the use of Remdesivir even though hundreds of Doctors have now spoken out about their positive experiences in treating patients with Hydroxychloroquine, starting very early on in the plandemic.

A couple of days ago, a group of Doctors were in Washington D.C. meeting with  V P  P e n c e discussing just this and their videos have been banned across all platforms and at least one has been fired. They're being censored, just as if we lived in China. Here is one of the Drs. if you'd like to see what she has to say. Why is a drug, which has been around for 60 years, with minimal side effects being banned as treatment? If the FDA truly cared about our health and the drugs easily available to us through prescription, opioid pain medications would have been banned a long time ago, killing 128 people a day two years ago, imagine what those numbers are today!! This is a true epidemic. Don't kid yourself, they don't care about us. Have you been to skid row lately? Wren and I have, and wow. Wow. Wow.

Enough about C o r o n a Virus, have you heard about all of the Spys from the Chinese Communist Party getting arrested here in our Country for stealing information, data, trade secrets, etc. from our Corporations and our corrupt University system? Being paid as researchers by our companies and schools but also on the payroll of their real employer, the CCP. Here are a few links to check out. Just this week, a researcher from UC Davis was arrested, along with several others from Stanford and Indiana University. And here's another, and another and another and another. Sadly, here's one of our own citizens, the former Chair of the Chemical and Chemical Biology Department at Harvard, that sold himself out to China and received income from the Wuhan Lab. We've been infiltrated at all levels. Hmmm, didn't Epstein have an office at Harvard, what was he researching??

Enough about that, let's move on to Child Sex Trafficking. I find this topic to be the most distressing and interesting because thousands of these evil people have been removed from society just in Trump's presidency, yet people still don't believe it happens. Of course, the news doesn't do a very good job of bringing this to the light but with the Epstein documentary on Netflix a whole lot of eyes have been opened. But it also become obvious, with a little research and who is involved, why the news doesn't report much on it. A lot of big names are involved, including a ton of Hollywood. Did you all hear Ricky Gervaises Golden Globes speech in January? He clearly knew what was about to be blown out of the water! 

We should all know by now that Epstein's procurer of young girls and fellow abuser, Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested a few weeks ago and that should bring to light a treasure trove of info. But did you also know that at the end of last year the largest volume of child exploitation content was taken down and since then 300+ people tied to that ring have been arrested. Here's another disturbing one about a Doctor out of Walnut Creek, and another big one in California this year that took 100+ predators off the street. Or how about the Wayfair and Amazon incident two weeks ago that has been brushed under the rug and all but forgotten. Definitely something weird going on right under our noses. But wait, the highly reputable Snopes debunked it with a ton of research by the next day, so nothing to see, move along. Here's a picture of a product I looked up on Amazon when the story was breaking and I took a picture of the product right on Amazon. Look closely and blow it up. There's a picture of a girl inside of the bag with duct tape on her mouth. The product description was for a blanket, not a bag. This was a big company, with tons of product, with these little gems mixed in. By the time Shawn got home and I refreshed my screen that evening, the picture had been changed. Interesting.....

We know it's real and thriving because Wren, our neighbor, a friend of Wren's and myself have all been approached here in our little town of Castle Rock and had it verified by the police department that there is actually a big problem in our town because I-25 goes right through it. Same spiel, same approach by all of the women/teens that approached us. Oh, and there was the time a few years ago my neighbor saved a newborn from being sold into the sex trade. Yes, a newborn. Unfortunately, I could go on and on about this, plenty to research if you're interested and ready to be disgusted, but let's move on to more corruption. 

I'm all for putting your money where your mouth is and donating to the causes close to your heart, but did you know that when you donate to Black Lives Matter you may not be donating to the causes you think you are? Take a look at this  and this video as someone runs us through the act of donating. It will be interesting to follow along as more info comes out. Just awfully fishy that B i d e n had a huge fundraising month coinciding with all of the BLM donations.

Speaking of BLM did you know that the co-founders are self-proclaimed trained Marxists. That puts them in the company, according to Wikipedia, of China, Cuba, Laos and North Korea. How cozy. Also, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that a sitting board member of Thousand Currents, which has some sort of fiscal responsibility arrangement with BLM is a convicted D o m e s t i c T e r r o r i s t who spent 16 years!! in prison after being on the FBI's most wanted list. Nope, nothing to see here. Totally legit.

Let's move onto T r u m p 's so-called Russian Collusion, especially since it's the News' favorite topic to cover for the last 3 1/2 years. They loved covering it because it's "Fake News", as T r u m p would say (and be correct). I bring this up because I have a good friend who is still under the impression that the Russian Collusion by the T r u m p  campaign is still a thing. Well, why wouldn't she? The News certainly hasn't retracted any of their stories for 3 years and admitted it was a HOAX. It was a coup against the President. A real live coup. Nothing like this has ever happened! This should be headlines every night.

A couple of great places to find all the info, with the FBI documents to back it up, is from CBS Senior Investigative Correspondent, Catherine Herridge. Here is her Twitter feed where she posts all of her documentation as information becomes declassified. Also, take a listen to Dan Bongino. He worked Secret Service under a couple of Presidents, Bush and Obama and was also a cop in NYC and I admire how he says it like it is based on his thorough research. Here is a podcast episode on the spying scandal. Another great resource is General Flynn's Attorney, Sidney Powell. I just received her book today,  LICENSED TO LIE: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice and I can't wait to get reading tonight! 

As I said earlier, Catholicism has made me who I am today. Thanks to my mom who raised us in this faith, at my very core, I've never had to wonder who I am.  I am a Catholic first, and have been able to stand firm in my beliefs, thoughts, ideas and morals. When I sin, I know it, admit it for what it is and try not to justify it with a bunch of lies. A sin is a sin, there is no secret about what is right or wrong, it's been plainly laid out in front of all of us. There's just a lot of us who don't want to live by those universal rules. Unfortunately, even the Catholic Church has corruption at its very core and we've all watched the horror play out with molestations. This corruption is intertwined with the evil coming to a head right now. As troubling as it is, the Church is a part of it, and has not been immune to the infiltration. If they can bring down the Church then they can bring down the world. There is a great book I read when it came out called Infiltration, by Dr. Taylor Marshall, a devout Catholic. He has a great podcast with a few episodes that tie in directly, here is a good one

The more you dig, the more you find. Maybe this has been one of the blessings of all this down time we've been forced to have. Time to research and expose. Worldwide there are so many secrets being exposed, we just have to look for them. I could tell evil was hitting hard the last couple of years with what has become mainstream, what is acceptable, what is allowed, etc. If you haven't followed Jordan Peterson for the last few years start listening to his videos, buy his book. He's a brilliant mind, a deep thinker and has been talking about what has infiltrated us for years. Unfortunately, he's had a devastating year, but hopefully he heals and is able to resume his important work on earth.

Thanks for reading and I hope I intrigued you to start doing some research yourself. And if you already have and have anything to share with me, I'd love to hear it! Also, if you think this is all just a big coincidence and nothing within this seems fishy at all, I'd love to hear that also. I won't be surprised if some of these links disappear, just let me know and I will try to find another source. 

2020 has not been what we all hoped, that's for sure, but maybe it's what we all needed. Time will tell.

Oh, and because this one really fries me, I am a woman, not just an individual with a cervix. They are even trying to erase the facts that we are women. Talk about taking away our core identity!!!

Best, Vanessa


  • Shawn M

    WOW! You have done a lot of research. It is difficult to comprehend what is happening In the darkness is true, but you have provided evidence. This is Good vs evil. If no one does anything to expose these wrongs, we can’t stop the evil that is taking over the USA. ♥️🇺🇸💙

  • Christina

    Elk Vanessa, My First Real Best Friend with a cervix! Seriously? I am glad I am kind of out of touch with all the nonsense. This was kind of like getting a letter from you way back when it was too expensive to call each other, but now we’re in far scarier circumstances and we can talk whenever we want as long as we don’t let the Communists take over!!!! It’s not even Socialism…but PURE COMMUNISM! I saw it first-hand when we went to Prague 6 years after The Wall “Fell”. I have to find time to read all of your links.

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