If Our Outfits & Home Styles Matched....here's what they'd look like!

Is your sense of style across the board? If you met someone on the street and they remarked on your sense of style would they see a similar sense of style in your home? Or would they be surprised to walk through your front door?

 I've compiled a collage of photos matching rooms or homes to an outfit. The sense of styles portrayed are fun loving, colorful styles, chic and simple, feminine and detailed and even a bit daring. 


Let's start with a photo of Amangiri in Canyon Point, Utah and this fashionable gal, courtesy of Pinterest. The resort and outfit are chic, simple, clean lined and crisp. Photo of resort courtesy of Dwell




Here's a bit of a clean, non-traditional western flair look with the Kilim fabric on this settee and longhorn picture featured in Cowgirl Magazine. We can call it boho western and this outfit from the Bohemian Mama is perfect! Can't you see her lounging on this settee?




Gorgeous intricate woodwork calls for a dress fit for a princess! This room and dress both appreciate craftsmanship and attention to details. Courtesy of Pinterest.



This gorgeous entryway  must have an owner who is confident, casual and willing to be a little daring.




This gorgeous gal from Spell & the Gypsy needs a Southwestern Hacienda Ranch to call home. Can't you just see her sashaying down the veranda?



Makes me think whether my home style matches my personal style. It's always kind of a mess, with Blush stuff EVERYWHERE, what does that say?? Do you match your home?

xoxo Vanessa & Wren

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