Meet the Gals We've Teamed Up w/in Our Latest Campaigns

We love to work with other women business owners, whether that be influencers, fellow boutique owners, photographers, artists and more! There is nothing more gratifying than putting together an idea, brainstorming what it looks like, reaching out to see who would like to partner up and then bringing it to life. When there's a shared overall vision that each person then brings their individuality to, the most amazing things happen! 

Meet Brook

Brook Mortenson western Influencer

She was born and raised on the northeastern plains of Colorado. She comes from a long line of farmers and ranchers. Their family farm was named a Centennial Farm in 2016, which means the farm has remained a working farm/ranch in the Mortensen family continuously for over 100 years.

She participated in 4-H and showing livestock was always her favorite. She is a trained ballerina and now when she dances she's either swing dancing or two stepping. She also loves to be on the back of a horse in her free time.
After college she ventured back home and spends her Monday-Thursdays in scrubs cleaning teeth. Because of her love for western fashion you can always guarantee that she will show up overdressed, and wearing 14 layers of jewelry! Our kind of gal!

Brook has been a true joy to work with and goes above and beyond what is asked of her. We've enjoyed her work ethic and her witty sense of humor. 

Find Brook @Brookmmortensen

Meet Alli

                              Alli Western Fashion Influencer

She is an Oregonian who loves to create western fashion content. When she's not doing that, she's working her 9-5 job as the lead visual merchandiser of a furniture store. She loves that she gets to be creative and work with numbers, it's a win, win!  

In her free time she loves hanging out in the barn with her husband and going riding. They have two horses, Cooper and Lena. They'd love to add some dogs to the family soon. 

We've gotten to know Alli a bit more than others because we spent several days with her when she came to the Cowgirl Code of the West Retreat. She was more than willing to help out several ladies at the retreat with content, including us! and she really shines in front of the camera. 

Find Alli @Allivermilyea


Meet Clare

                      Clare Belk Western Fashion Influencer

She is a born and raised Colorado native and currently resides up north in Wellington. She graduated from Colorado State University with her bachelor's in animal science. She spent lots of hours in beef plants with the CSU Meat Judging Team and after a few years outside of the industry, she returned to CSU and currently manages the CSU Meat Judging Catering Team. Who knew they had a catering team??! She works alongside the other Meat Lab Managers to run the store front, Ram Country Meats.

In addition to her full-time job, she runs a small cattle operation with her dad and husband. They also take the occasional heifer to a show or two!

Fashion isn't always her first concern while hanging out in a Meat lab or with their cows and horses, but she obviously has a passion for all things western, including the fashion. Layering and adding a little turquoise are her signature. 

Find Clare @mrs.belk_3

Meet Danja

Since Danja is always behind the camera, here is some of her work at our Winter Look Book Photoshoot!


Wow, Wow, Wow, is all we can say! Western lifestyle photographer Danja is super talented. We had the pleasure of working with Danja for our Winter Lookbook and she captured our vision perfectly! Both Brook, Clare and Wren had worked with Danja before but this was the first time she shot for Blush Out West. We can't wait to work with her again. If you are looking for a true professional who will far exceed your expectations, Danja is your gal. You can find her here on IG or her website


Meet Paige

Owner of No Roots Boots

                        Paige No Roots Boots

You all know we LOVE Paige and No Roots Boots.  We'd been following Paige for quite some time when we ran into her and Geena (more below about Geena), at market. We knew several things about her just from IG. She’s passionate about her business, she’s consistent in the way she shows up whether it’s on IG or emails and she travels with her Airstream Pearl. It was obvious that Paige love No Roots Boots as much as I love Blush Out West and I knew we were going to be friends!

What I didn't foresee was that Paige was going to be our key speaker at our first ever retreat, Cowgirl Code of the West Retreat. You never know where those relationships you make on IG will lead! Dont' be afraid to reach out to those you admire.

Find Paige and what she has to offer at No Roots Boots. Cutest boot collection and aesthetic ever! 

Meet Geena

Owner of City Raised Farm Saved 

                        City Raised Farm Saved

Geena has made quite the splash as one of the first ever Western Influencers. Did you know she's one of the originals?! Visit her IG and Blog and you'll know why. Her style is unique, sweet, fresh and yummy. And Oh Yes, she can cook! She's written a cookbook, City Raised Farm Saved, that is a staple in both Wren and Vanessa's kitchens. 

Geena was another one we followed for some time, as she was the OG, and never in our wildest dreams did we think she'd be cooking up a meal at our first retreat! But after meeting her at market years ago with Paige and then running into her again at Cowgirl 30 Under 30 (did we mention she works at Cowgirl Magazine too??), Wren knew they'd be fast friends. She has quite the story to tell and is fun to follow on her cooking adventures.

Find Geena on IG @Cityraisedfarmsaved

Here are the three of us, teaming up the
Blush Out West X No Roots Boots Collaboration.
There were boots, jackets and Cookbooks to be sold! 
These photos were taken by Hannah at Hvfitzphotos who captured so my memories at the Cowgirl Code of the West Retreat! 


We love all of that makes Blush Out West what it is today, but it's the collaborations that make it special! We learn, we get inspired and we meet amazing women. We hope these women know that the gifts they bring to fellow business owners like ourselves is truly magical!


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