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As you know we love the western way of life and what it represents. A bygone era where everything was a little more honest and slower, we loved our country, we helped out our neighbors and we didn't mind getting dirty.
What do you love about the western life?
Big News #1: Well, the day is here. The day I ship off my baby (ok, he's a few years out of diapers but he's still my baby).  The day I drop him off so he can live out the next 6 years of his life serving our country. Yes, both of my kids have made some of the same transitions that kids their age make; they both left and went off to college and lived in a dorm for a year. They've had jobs and become a little more independent, working, coming and going as they please, etc. But the most life changing decision has been made by Wren's brother Chase in that he's leaving home and when we see him in 9 weeks, he'll no longer be my baby but a man. He has joined the Army and will be trained as a Drone Operator! I cry as I write this because I know he'll return a different, more mature person, which is all good, but he'll never be in our family home in the same capacity again. 
This has been in the works for a few months now and he has been very thorough in his research and I'm proud of the maturity he has shown at 19. He's spent many hours looking at different MOS's (jobs) he can choose, studying for the placement test, getting in very good physical shape and hours and hours meeting with recruiters and 3 different Green Beret's. He was even able to spend some time at the shooting range with 2 of the Green Berets and learned new shooting techniques. Shooting with the pros is a great way to spend the day! This was a well thought out plan on his part and even though it hurts this moms heart to see her baby fly the nest I know it's for the best and will make him a strong, driven, respectful man! 
Big News #2: One of Wren's favorite times in the fall is when she gets to go across the mid-west with one of the pros in the Show Cattle Industry and do a whole lot of driving, learning, not taking and looking at what the top quality producers have ready for the show industry this coming year.  Two weeks ago she got to go on her yearly show steer buying trip with my brother Frank, Ward Cattle Co, and met up with her boyfriend Jake, JMAC Club Calves. My brother Frank has many years of experience in raising, judging and selling show cattle and enjoys helping kids achieve **Champion** status with their show projects. He is an expert in feed and nutrition and what it takes to raise that Grand Champion. Lot's of work, dedication and good genetics to start. He and my sister-in-law Christina, have a wealth of information to share with the serious showman and have raised many champions, most recently raising the Champion at the Ohio State Fair last month. They've also raised on to watch this year that is out on the open market ready to find his show family and he's expected to be one of the top show steers competing in the country. It's always fun to follow and watch one of these steers show and win everywhere they take him throughout the year. Blush Out West will be watching and rooting him on!

Check out what Ward Cattle Company has coming!

We have another Cattle Company near and dear to our hearts! In the last few years Wren's boyfriend Jake has also helped many 4-H and FFA kids with their show projects and has quite a few champions under his belt too! He really enjoys matching kids with their fair animal and giving out lots of feeding, fitting and showing advice. He runs his families commercial cattle operation and has his own Club Calf business where he's brought together his lifetime of knowledge and expertise. If you or anyone you know is looking for their next show project either one of these guys can help you find what you're looking for!

Check out JMAC Club Calves to see what he's bringing to the table this year.

Update #3: I hiked a 14'er and lived to tell about it! It actually wasn't that hard (ok, we picked an easy one) and it was a gorgeous day for a hike. We had to start the day at 3:15 am so we could summit by lunch. The Colorado afternoon thunderstorms can be dangerous! The bottom of the hike is gorgeous, through marshes and little lakes everywhere and then eventually you hit boulder fields to make it to the summit. Everyone should try one! Dress warm.

Thanks for reading about the latest news at Blush Out West, as you can see we've had an eventful, fun start to the fall season!


Vanessa & Wren

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