Spring Wardrobe Checklist - Are You Up To Date?

Ladies, ladies, ladies...We've compiled a list of a few Spring Must Haves so you can be rolling into April in style! Here at Blush Out West you know we love to mix our vintage pieces,whether that is a vintage handbag, a vintage skirt or jewels; it just adds character and another level of complexity to your look. Thinking about and strategically putting together each piece of your outfit, whether new or vintage, is where you can gain your own sense of style and you'll find others looking to you for #inspo and ideas!

For this Checklist, we're going to go with a mostly new pieces paired with vintage beauty to complete our looks. 

1. Nude Wedges. What girl doesn't need a wedge in her closet. So versatile, so comfy, so classic and so necessary on the wardrobe front. Wedges will take you through spring on warm days well into the lazy days of a late indian summer. They pair perfectly with anything from boyfriend jeans and a tee, to a beautiful sundress with your tan skin peeking out, from skinny work trousers and blazer to white cut-offs. You can literally wear them with anything!

You'll find yourself reaching for them again and again. I promise!

                                 Nordstrom Wedge pairs well with Blush Out West


2. Scarves are the rage! Tie it in your hair or wear it around your neck. It doesn't matter because you're just adding the layer that adds a pop of color and a different texture. Picture a simple white jean, white blouse with the pop of a yellow scarf tied around your neck or ponytail. Takes the outfit to a whole new chic-ness, doesn't it? Or check out below how Wren has paired a vintage leopard scarf/wildrag and denim blouse and then added another layer with the vintage sterling silver Squash Blossom. A girl can never have on too many fabulous things!

Wren went to elementary school with a girl that was from Spain and her mom was always dressed so perfectly, often with a scarf.Those fab European Women have such an innate sense of style. Something to draw inspiration from for sure!

                                        Leopard Scarf with turquoise Squash Blossom Necklace


3. Floral Kimonos and Dusters are another staple item that you are going to be able to wear in so many ways! We love that they can bring a bohemian vibe to your look or a western glam fabulousness that is achieved through the layering of amazing pieces. Fringe belt, little cami, some great little booties all topped off with a floral kimono! Now that makes a statement. Or if you're going for the more subtle look, throw one on over a swimsuit for a darling coverup poolside and bring the retro glam to the resort. Who knew that dusters were such versatile pieces? 

  Floral duster kimono bohemian look                    


4. Vintage Tooled Leather Handbags are a fun way to add an element of surprise to your outfit. Now don't get us wrong, we love a fancy, high quality handbag just as much as the next girl, but there is something so special about the lustre of aged leather that's a little stiff and worn and has a story. It's kind of how I like to decorate my house, with a story. 

         Vintage tooled leather clutch handbag purse               ruched dresses and tooled leather handbags


5. A Glossy, Peachy Lip is to die for this spring. Have you ever looked up glossy lips on pinterest?? We wish we had the make-up skills of these gals who really know how to get the full pouty effect! There are some stunning lips to get inspired by! But we don't have those mad skills, sad face, so we'll improvise with some really amazing lip products that are our go to. Wren is a fan of the Mint to be Gloss by Blessed Beauty and I happen to love Mary Kay's lip gloss too! And we all know a Mary Kay lady we can support! Give your lips a good scrubbing, a nude liner and some peachy gloss and you're good to go!

                                         Graphic tee and charlie 1 horse cowboy hat


6. Statement Earrings or a Bracelet Cuff are a must have and the bonus is you can wear them all year long! But the time to invest is now because we've just started to offer Afterpay. Shop Now, Wear Now, Pay Later!! Pay in four easy installments. These types of pieces are really what set your outfit apart from the mainstream. They are substantial and noticeable, they are not your average piece of jewelry. They hold a beauty that comes straight from nature and no two pieces are the same. When you wear a pair of these earrings or a gorgeous cuff, you're really making a statement about who you are and what you value. You love quality, you love artisan craftsmenship from the American Southwest and you love yourself and you're worth investing in!

                                   native american turquoise and sterling silver cuff bracelet


No need to run out and buy a whole new wardrobe. We like to add in pieces here and there and we must be in love with them! You'll feel your best, confident, pretty and strong when you are in love with your outfit. This is how you will develop your sense of personal style and stand in your truth.


Vanessa & Wren





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