The Making Of A Dreamy Faux Wedding

As we all know, 2020 was a humdinger of a year! So many people, business and lives impacted in unimaginable ways and our prayers go out to each person having a tough time as we roll through 2021 feeling much of the same. Many entrepreneurs and small business people went from full schedules to no schedules and had lots of time for creative thinking once the novelty wore off. One thing is for sure, many of us small business owners are resilient and can pivot on a dime!




This was evident when Blush Out West was approached by a local Colorado videographer, Kalina, owner of Roots and Wings Production to partake in a fairytale for a day. She spearheaded a project that brought together many talented Wedding vendors to create a magical Faux Fall Wedding. With so many wedding cancellations, and now unexpected time on their hands, these talented gals decided to focus on forward thinking marketing to showcase their offerings and wares.

Kalina brought everyone together to create the dreamiest day including a wedding planner, photographers, a gorgeous venue, wispy florals, horses, the bridal dress and tux, hair and makeup, event designers, all the way down to the darling western inspired invitations. What started as an idea grew into what any western bride would call her dream day.

It takes a lot of creative people bringing their A-game to create such a memorable, beautiful experience that we had the pleasure of being a part of. Seriously, how many weddings have you attended and how many do you really remember? What details will you never forget? The magic is in the details! 

When we were asked to bring the turquoise and silver jewelry, we said, "of course". When Wren was asked to be the model along with her boyfriend Jake, she hesitated. She was up for the task, but Jake can't stand even posing for one photo and now he was being asked to come to Colorado and play model! It took some coaxing, but he was a good sport, took one for the team, and showed up for his first and last modeling gig with very little to no complaining. Wren on the other hand, enjoyed every last second of it. From getting her make-up done to the photography and videography, she loved getting a dress rehearsal of playing bride. As the pretend mother of the bride, it's hard for me to pick my favorite part of the day, but I have to go with event and design team, another mother and daughter duo. More on everyone who participated to follow!

All the creative business owners are local to Colorado and it's so fun to check out their work. You can see their personalities shine through with what they do. We're going to share some of the photos and how you can follow and learn more about each of them.

Let's start with Kalina, since she was the main idea gal that reached out to us and I'm assuming the other vendors as well. I believe she's worked with some of them on the weddings she's produced video for and she brought all her favorites together to produce something magical. She had a vision for this fall "wedding" and I think she nailed it, right down to the last detail! If you want to see some of her work check out her IG and her website. But really, all the photos we'll be sharing below, are her creativity at play and captured so perfectly by @jessica_cooke who gets the photo cred for all photos in this article. I can't say enough about the both amazing photographers who chronicled the day @jessica_cooke and @jnessa_hel . Enjoy!

Every wedding festivity starts with an invite. How cute are these?? Be sure to check out this IG account, it is the cutest ever and this graphic designers work is amazing @summit.and.sage  

Stunning Squash Blossom Turquoise Necklace and earrings @Blushoutwest



When we arrived at the venue, The Younger Ranch in Colorado Springs (IG @younger_ranch ), we were greeted with wide open pastures with a clear view of Pikes peak. That in itself is breathtaking, but then they've added so many quaint details. A TeePee, an open pole barn, longhorn cattle, and the bride and groom rooms inside a cute red barn, to name a few.


The Bride's room is move in ready. I could be quite comfortable just unpacking my bags and staying awhile. Rustic chic would be a good word to describe it. Wood floors and walls, antique couches and little feminine touches. Here is the gorgeous dress hanging in the Bride's room. (dress and tux by @somethingnewboutique and sweater by Blush Out West)


First on scene, appropriately, was the wedding planner! @urbaneventscolorado and she directed Wren to start unloading what we'd brought and get ready for the hair and make-up gals to arrive. I love that the beauty duo, Sonya and Jessica come as a pair and get right to work on the bridal party, in this case, just Wren. Check out their IG where you can see some of their amazing work  @eleposh or their website. They both had a very creative eye and made sure Wren liked what they were doing with her hair and make-up. I would highly recommend this duo for any big event you may have! Hat from @shopthepinkspur and Sterling and Turquoise earrings from us, of course!

I got excited when I saw another mom and daughter duo pull up in their big delivery truck and start unloading fabulous furniture. I couldn't wait to see what all these fun items were for. Back when I got married that wasn't really a thing and I haven't been to wedding where little vignettes were set up, especially in the middle of pastures. But it was AMAZING!! You have got to check out @hazelgroverentals and see the work they do. I was blown away!
I mean really, have you ever seen anything so gorgeous?
Now let's talk about the flowers. So unexpected, a beautiful arcing display in the pasture with Pikes Peak and horses in the background. It was pure beauty with the soft romantic display by @skyvanah. And the bouquet.....As if it wasn't gorgeous enough check out the tooled leather wrap by @bobreynolds1+ . 
Every detail was thought of, even a beautiful sapphire ring from @danieldiamondsco and horses in the background, because every wedding needs horses! @lizdolan
  A magical fall day for a faux wedding.....
Here is a list of all the vendors. If you aren't in Colorado getting hitched, some will travel or can send their items! 
Photographer @jessica_cooke 
2nd Photographer @jnessa_hel
Dress @somethingnewboutique
Venue @younger_ranch
Hair & Makeup @eleposh
Stationary @summit.and.sage, @paradiseinvitations,@gubbagumma
Planning @urbaneventscolorado
Florist @skyvanah
Jewelry @blushoutwest
Decor & Rentals @hazelgroverentals
Leather @bobreynolds1+ and @rafterlazy3_leather
Hat @shopthepinkspur
Horses @lizdolan
Chandelier holders @ericksonfabrication
Boots @oldgringoboots 




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