The Power of Knowing What You Want

Do you know what you want, what you really, really want? The power in this is so strong and fierce that nothing can mess with you when you're clear.

Make sure to read to the end to hear about my awesome story of clarity leading to my latest Miraclefesting!

Let's talk about what you want. Is it a new pair of fabulous boots you can throw on with jeans all winter and then have a rocking outfit when you pair them with dresses this summer? Do you want to lose some weight, maybe drop 15 pounds before summer hits so you feel stronger, healthier and more confident? Are you in the market for some authentic gorgeous Artisan made turquoise jewels? Or do you want some new throw pillows and a rug to brighten up your livingroom as we are smack dab in the middle of a cold, brownish grey winter?  Are you wanting to book an amazing trip, one you've only allowed yourself to dream about and think that it's for other people? Or, are you wanting a new career or job change? Is going back to school and finishing that degree or even becoming a small business owner a someday plan? Are any of these things what you dream about, from the smallest of wishes and wants to the big grandiose out of your perceived league events?

I'm here to tell you they aren't too big or too far fetched. The only thing standing in your way of these things is YOU!

What if I were to tell you, they are completely attainable and WAITING FOR YOU when YOU are ready? All of these goals, wishes and dreams are in line, as if waiting in queue to be delivered to your door when the order has been placed.

Your dreams are literally lined up waiting for you to hit go. Visualize that for a minute. Stop and really think about what that looks like. Right outside your front door is you stepping on a plane to Europe. You sitting on the white sand beaches of Mexico. You putting the key in, unlocking the door and entering your dream home. You standing in that line rocking the body of your dreams, fit and healthy. You laughing and chatting with your girlfriends in an Airbnb in a city you've been wanting to explore. You out in that ring, showing that steer/heifer/hog, etc. and walking away with the belt buckle. Whatever your dream is, it's in line waiting for you. 

Have you placed the order? Have you hit send, buy now, sign me up? In other words, are you clear on what it is and have you committed to it? Do you have skin in the game? Think about the things you do have in your life and how they got there. You knew you wanted it, you made the decision to get it, you went out and got it. Or some form of this "formula".

It really is this simple to get what you want (I didn't say easy) because it comes down to a couple of actions that occur deep in your soul; clarity and decision. But of course, what prevents it from being easy is that we all have different kinds of self-sabatoging that goes on that prevents us from true declarations we proclaim with certainty. But that's a whole new blog post and not what we're focusing on here! This is about standing true and firm in your own shoes. And what does standing in your truth look like?

1. Clarity - Clarity on what you want now. I actually think this is the most powerful trait you can develop in yourself. It takes confidence in knowing yourself and confidence in listening to and acting on your inner voice. It takes being 100% honest with yourself; no excuses, victimhood, enabling, self-pity or rationalizing.

2. Decision - A firm decision. Either "Yes, I want this thing and nothing will prevent it" or you make excuses why now isn't the time, I don't have the time, it's not meant to be and but, but, but. If a "But..." enters the picture, you don't really want what you say you want at this time. And that's ok. Just be honest with yourself. It may be something you want down the road, but right now you don't want it. If you immediately start coming up with excuses and reasons why you can't have it, forget it, back to the drawing board, this isn't something you're clear on. OUCH! I know that can hurt. 

I write about this clarity and decision piece in more depth in the book I co-authored. In addition to my perspective and my stories, you get the perspectives of 2 other amazing ladies who are rockstars at attaining what they want too! Don't miss this inspiring book that will open your eyes to the amazing things surrounding us each and every day. It's a fun read that will leave you jumping out of your seat to go get more out of life! Miraclefesting: Inspiring Stories to Help You Recognize and Create Everyday Miracles In Your Life

Here's a fun Miraclefesting story that happened to me last week that really drives home the point that you have to be clear in what you want. I believe in the power of Vision Boarding. It helps me with the clarity piece because I have to think about what I really want, search out a picture or word to put on the board and then being inspired by the pretty picture throughout the rest of the year. Now, let me preface this by saying, the power isn't in the board itself, it's in my clarity and declaration of knowing what I want. So if you have another way to throw your clarity and decisions out into the world, go for it. But for me, a beautiful Vision Board with my favorite colors, items and the "feeling" of the life I want portrayed on my board has been powerful. I love to see my greatest desires come to life and I can check them off one by one!

I worked on my board last Saturday, January 5 and here is one corner of my board announcing what I expect from Blush Out West this year. We are moving onward and upward and going to be the Best of the West! Big goals over here at Blush.


Fast forward 5 days, Thursday, January 10 and I attended a fabulous conference, #Western Summit, put on by The Boutique Hub, an organization we belong to for inspiration, education and resources for boutiques. We received jam packed goody bags filled with fabulous items, including t-shirts, swag and Western Runway Magazine. As I thumbed through it after getting home, eating my dinner, I turn right to the page announcing Blush Out West as one of the Honorable Mentions for, you guessed it, Best of the West. OMG!!! We were so excited to be placed on this list, which we had no idea about. But I was equally excited when about an hour later, I ran to take a peek at my vision board, and sure enough, that's exactly what was on there!


How's that for the power of clarity? It never ever ceases to amaze me year after year of putting together a Vision Board how you can make things come to life and become a part of your reality. It makes life more fun, like a game. Collecting those pieces of the pie, all by your decisions in which way to move. And each time you get better!

If you've never done a Vision Board, I highly suggest putting one together. After all, what do you have to lose? Grab some girlfriends, lots of magazines and of course Pinterest and get busy dreaming big!

Much love and clarity,



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    Congratulations Vanessa and Wren. So happy for you and excited to see where your business heads next.

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