Top 5 Cheap and Easy Things To Do With Your College Age Daughter

Building a strong relationship is about taking the time and effort to create connections. Whether you're the mom or daughter reading this, take the initiative and make a plan to have some fun, meaningful time together. Now I know it's easy to get on eachother's nerves and building these strong bonds happens well before the college years, but hey, this is where you are now, so let's make it happen! Summer is here and you might get some time together so here are my 5 favorite cheap things to do.

1. The no brainer pedi/mani with a stop at your local coffee shop first so you can grab a latte to go. About $90 for 2

2. Pick a cute little town with a fun downtown area to walk around and browse the shops, grab lunch and a little dessert in the afternoon. About $60 for 2

3. Garage and estate sales! Head out early, pick up a coffee and muffin and start looking for treasures. I think it's best if you have something in mind you're looking for, but you never know what may be awaiting you. Cheap! Spend as little as $10 at the pastry shop. 

4. If you're a more active duo, what about a hike within an hours drive? We have the Manitou Incline, which is always a challenge. Google that baby, it's a good one. 1 Mile long, 2,744 steps straight up. Not for the totally out of shape! You've been warned! Free!

5. Create something! You can color, takes you back to when she was 5 and you were a young mom. Re-fashion a Goodwill find, like a denim or camo jacket (think a little lace, fabric and patches). Hit the nursery and grab some pretty flowers and plant a beautiful colorful pot for each of you. Try your hand at collaging (a canvas, some scraps of paper or fabric, some paint and whatever lights your fancy!). This could cost anywhere from free to $40 for the potted flowers. 

I don't know about you but this has inspired me to not sit around next weekend! 

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