Valentine's Day Date Ideas & What To Wear

Valentine's Day plans with your sweetie but not sure what to wear? This is your chance to put a little romance in the air and break out all the stops with pretty, feminine fashion even if you're headed outdoors for your date.

Here are some fun date ideas and what you can wear to not only be comfortable but cute!

Date Idea #1: Disneyland!

                                             Disneyland Outfits

Since we just went to Disneyland last weekend I think it's only appropriate to mention it as a fabulous date idea. Whether you're 18 or 65, you'll have a blast. You'll get to spend an entire day together having fun, laughing, eating and getting your exercise. It was cold in the morning, warmish during the day and cooled down quite a bit during the evening hours so you'll want to layer this time of year. Comfy shoes are a must, as are a cute backpack, sweater to layer with, change of shoes and plenty of money. Here, Wren has on one of our favorite graphic tees at Blush Out West, a pair of boyfriend jeans, cute jacket and thick soled platform sandals.

Date Idea #2: Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is all the rage and a fun date idea, especially if you're a bit competitive. It's harder than I thought it would be, so don't get frustrated. You're going to want to be able to move freely in the arm area, so off-the-shoulder tops are probably not the best idea for this. But that doesn't mean you can't still find something sexy and cute to wear. You'll need closed toed shoes and you'll probably get warm from your heated competition, so plan accordingly. This little satin bomber jacket with a cute lacey cami underneath is the perfect combo. Allows you to move and take off your jacket with something cute underneath.  

                                       Leopard Satin bomber jacket

Date Idea #3: Early Dinner & Couples Massage

This one is always a winner in our marriage. It's a little romantic and super relaxing and something you can easily do in the evening, if you can't spend the whole day together. This date also gives you the chance to put on a cute outfit for the dinner portion of the evening so your Valentine can see you looking pretty. Depending on where you're located in the country, here are some of my favorite places for a couples massage. Right here in Castle Rock, CO we like Copperfalls, and if you're in the mountains of Colorado, Devils Thumb Ranch is top notch and amazing!! In New Mexico you can't beat Ojo Caliente, one of my all time favorites. In Wine Country there are lots of choices, but we loved Villagio and I've heard amazing things about Calistoga Ranch. And of course, my all time favorite is La Costa, in Southern California. Of course these are pricier Valentine's Day dates, but hey, you only live once! 

Now for the dinner portion of your evening, wear your favorite sexy dress or opt for the skinny jeans, heels and pretty blouse! 

                                       Date night tops

Date Idea #4: Ice skating on an outdoor lake

There is just something so magical about being outside, ice skating on a frozen lake. Especially if you're with your Valentine! Of course, it's cold outside, you'll be on a frozen pond! But, skating is pretty physical and you'll warm up quickly, so dress in layers. A darling sweater, jacket to throw over it, a comfy pair of jeans and a cute beanie!

                  date night sweater      Leopard jacket

Date Idea #5: Basketball Game

Basketball games have high energy, great people watching, junk food and excitement on the court, which all make for an exciting date! Not to mention, you'll be inside so you can wear a cute blouse or sweater and cute boots! Oh, and your man will probably like this one too. 

                   date night sweater      Liberty Black Booties

Anyone of these dates is sure to bring you a little closer to your sweetheart, with a memory made and time well spent together. Plan a little ahead, get the date and reservations and the calendar and start shopping for your amazing outfit to wow him!

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