Wren's 5 College Tips That Every Girl Needs to Know

Wren is in her 4th year of college and considers herself a college expert in the "What you really need to know about college" realm. It's kind of like having a baby. You have all of these perceptions and ideas of what it's going to be like to be a mom for the first time. You think you need a wipe warmer and tons of toys when all you really need is something wet and cardboard boxes for them to play with. Back to college talk...

The first year, you deck out your dorm room with so much stuff that you arrived on campus with a Uhaul. You had so much fun shopping and decorating your dorm room, coordinating with your roommate.

The second year you're already downsizing and taking only the necessities which begin and end with an industrial size fan. Spend a couple of months in the dorm and you'll know why. Oh, and your computer, you definitely need that too.

By the 3rd year, you've moved home and have become a commuter student and Starbucks is your friend. You've learned the importance of parking lot etiquette and you just want to zoom in and out of school and get done as quickly as you can. You're probably working AND going to school now, mastering time management skills.

Here are Wren's 5 College Tips Every Girl Needs to Know, they will save you some headaches!

1. Don't go to college, it's miserable. But if you insist on going, read on.

2. On DAY 1, you've got to get to each class early and sit in the very front and find yourself a nerd. The nerds, i.e. the smart ones, sit up front and you want to get in tight with them. When you do group work, the'll actually participate and you won't get stuck with doing all the work or chasing them down to finish. The druggies sit in the back and you need to avoid that area at all costs. 

3. This next tip, took a few dings to learn, so trust me on this. Park next to a Mini van or find the Cadillacs and Mercedes, which are acceptable parking lot mates as well. They usually back themselves in so they can skid out of that lot and get away from school as quickly as possible, so I just pull my Rogue right in between and guess what, no door dings!

4. Find a coffee shop on campus or near campus that you like the vibes of because you'll be spending a whole lot of time in there. 

5.  Don't believe anything your advisor says. It's b.s and they're only there to keep you in school as long as possible to add to the coffers of the college. Be prepared to fight for your credits and the program requirements that you signed up under. These things have a way of changing midway through your college career. You're going to have to fight for yourselves, girls!

There you have it, Wren's most valuable tips that will save you dings, time and headaches with classmates and the advising department. We'd love to hear your top tips for surviving college too, this is good stuff we can share!

With Love,

Vanessa and Wren

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