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How To Wear Booties w/Spring & Summer Vibes

Spring and Summer are the perfect time to be sporting your booties, they are year-round footwear! We love booties for all the obvious reasons, they usually have just the right amount of a heel to elongate your leg, we love how the designers combine buckles, different colors and textures of leather and unique designs and most importantly, they're comfy!  Don't be afraid to rock your booties with everything from casual looks to a bit more dressed up! ~ Distressed boyfriend/girlfriend jeans and a tee ~ A boho floral sundress and long necklace for a festival look ~ Trouser capri, silky tank and blazer for a work appropriate outfit ~ Distressed denim shorts, blouse and wildrag in your hair ~ Feminine,...

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If Our Outfits & Home Styles's what they'd look like!

Is your sense of style across the board? If you met someone on the street and they remarked on your sense of style would they see a similar sense of style in your home? Or would they be surprised to walk through your front door?  I've compiled a collage of photos matching rooms or homes to an outfit. The sense of styles portrayed are fun loving, colorful styles, chic and simple, feminine and detailed and even a bit daring.  Enjoy! Let's start with a photo of Amangiri in Canyon Point, Utah and this fashionable gal, courtesy of Pinterest. The resort and outfit are chic, simple, clean lined and crisp. Photo of resort courtesy of Dwell              ...

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Celebration Time! We hit 20K on IG

Celebrate with us! We just hit the 20k milestone on Instagram.                                  Photo Cred: Jennifer Riches Photography It's not huge, but it's not small and Wren has worked her butt off getting it here! Each and every follower, we thank you for wanting to be a part of Blush Out West. We love showing up for you and hopefully inspiring you with what we post and talk about on our feed and in our stories. If someone were to ask, "what does it take to build a successful online retail business" my number one answer would have to be CONSISTENCY. Looking back over the last...

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Valentine's Day Date Ideas & What To Wear

It's a little romantic and super relaxing and something you can easily do in the evening, if you can't spend the whole day together. This date also gives you the chance to put on a cute outfit for the dinner portion of the evening so your Valentine can see you looking pretty. 

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What Does Your Clothing & Jewelry Say About You?

If you want to know a woman, her innermost thoughts about herself, take a look in her closet and jewelry box, the answers are there. Throughout our lives, our style may change to fit our lifestyle and the theme of our lives at the time. I've gone through several phases throughout the years, but at the core I find that not much has changed. My true style is feminine, no fuss, comfortable and pretty. I've never been a huge jewelry wearer and I've always had nice purses. My mom started that trend way too young when she bought me my first Gucci in 7th grade. The same Gucci Wren was trying to hand off to the Goodwill a few years...

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